Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre

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Chengdu Bear Rescue Center (CBRC) is a rescue base focusing on helping moon bears who are suffering from abuse by bear bile pharmaceutical industry. As a branch of the Animals Asia Foundation (AAF), CBRC has long lacked its own brand identity, and the park has been using the AAF's brand visuals for all time.

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Animals Asia has a slogan: Until the cruelty ends. Unfortunately, criticizing the bear bile pharmaceutical industry through confrontational slogans can hardly change the reality on the ground. The bear bile pharmaceutical industry has long been a pillar of the local's weak economy, and the industry was backed by the local government.


the education centre and student activities

Credits to Animals Asia:

While doing brand research for the new brand visuals, the education centre in the base caught my attention. The centre works with local primary and middle schools to organize school outings for animal protection. It gave me several ideas.

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In the brand visual processing, I finally chose the cartoon style which is more in line with the children's preference. I believe that the idea of animal protection spread through the relatively soft form of education will be more easily accepted. Dark Grey has been used instead of Animals Asia's black in the brand color palette in order to reduce the heaviness and solemnity of black. At the same time, the relatively sedate Chinese and English typefaces are retained to balance the over-relaxed atmosphere brought by the cartoon style.


Animals Asia Foundation
Chengu Bear Rescue Centre

Yunke Xiao

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Creative Direction:
Iain Greenway

Art Direction:
Yunke Xiao

Concept, Design and Production:
Yunke Xiao