Panda Global

Logo, Identity

Panda Global is the premier one-on-one esports team, with regular champions in fighting games such as Super Smash Brothers and Street Fighter. Founded in 2015 by former champion players around the principle of putting the player first, Panda Global is one of the fastest growing and strongest esports brands in North America. The team is also a trusted leader in the gaming community, which has enabled the company to branch out into statistical analysis, player rankings and public scoreboards, specialized hardware, and even healthcare.

The previous visual identity for Panda Global was a line drawing of an aggressive panda head that did not work well on white applications, was difficult to use on all the merchandise fans eagerly purchase, and couldn’t be separated effectively from the wordmark. For a rapidly growing, ambitious company, the logo simply wasn’t professional enough.

The challenge for the new visual identity was to create a design that could be used for a serious young company with big aspirations that would also be cool enough to appeal to a broad fanbase of gamers. Geometric, modular, and charismatic, the new Panda Global symbol is the face of a panda in a double-outlined octagon, with rectangular ears that run parallel to its rectangular eyes.


"Esports is constantly evolving and changing. Being an industry leader in such a new space, we needed a logo for Panda Global that not only encompassed who we are today but one that will carry us forward into the future."

-Dr. Alan Bunney, Panda Global CEO


Panda Global

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Project Release Date:

Creative Direction:
Tom Geismar, Sagi Haviv

Project Management:
Mika Owens

Yunke Xiao, Art Beach, Ben Hickey, Scott Ahn, Jeehye Yim, Yoske Mitsui, Sarah Xiong, Dominique Marchini