Dutch Design in Beijing Design Week

Visual Identity


Dutch Design & Beijing Design Week is a project that consisted of a set of conceptual designs I did for the Dutch embassy during my internship in LAVA Beijing. The Dutch embassy wanted to use the ampersand symbol as the main visual element of the exhibition in order to express the link between the Chinese and Dutch cultures. The Dutch embassy also hoped for the key visual design to be interactive, so audiences can interact with the main visual activities and use it as a form of online promotion for the exhibition.

Thus, I designed the concept of a die-cut poster, which contains only the basic information about the exhibition and a hollowed-out “&” symbol. Each person will receive a copy of the poster during admission, and they can place it on any background to create a unique exhibition poster. The poster will no longer be monotonous because people can use anything as their background, you can use a piece of garment, a piece of the brick wall, or even a cluster of plants. The official poster will have a selected background, and no longer will it have the hollowed out ampersand component. They will be used to promote the exhibition in bus stations and subways. This design became a rising star among other design ideas and was eventually requisitioned and employed as the proposal for the final design.


Designer: Yunke Xiao

Design Director: Céline Lamée

Design Agency: LAVA Beijing

Special thanks to my models:

Chang Han('s arm)

Joséphine Hakim Mallet

Yue Wang