Eileen Fisher

Brand Extension

High fashion is about self-expression. It instills a sense of inner confidence that enables individuals to shape the way they want to be perceived in the world. It is mouth-watering, elitist, a symbol that a person is part of a tribe.

Eileen Fischer fits this framework but also gives it a conscious fashion sense -- marked by social and environmental benefits. The brand embodies the sage archetype, a fashionable intellectual approach. The brand aims to articulate the core needs of the world and is accepted by its audience through its thought-provoking purpose.

As we worked out our brand expansion strategy for Eileen Fisher, my team, after careful research, decided to continue the legend of the brand with Gin. I worked as the visual design lead on the team and was involved in brand research before we developed our brand expansion strategy, as well as in the execution of specific directions for brand expansion.

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