Festival of German Cinema in China

Visual Identity

Mockup Final Poster.jpg

The main visual design of the German Film Festival is an interesting project I worked on while interning at LAVA Beijing. Goethe Institut and German Films asked LAVA to create a hip key vision for their Festival of German Cinema in China, the mission was to create an iconic vision which could both represent Germany and its films.

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The film festival was hosted by the German side, but the audiences were mostly Chinese film enthusiasts and the general Chinese public. In view of the fact that many Chinese still have very limited knowledge about Germany, so I wanted to bring out a visual design that can be easily recognized by its elements of both Germany and its films.

11576-NNICQ 1.jpg

I chose the more conservative color of the German flag as the color palette for this design and tried in many different design directions. Eventually, we came to an agreement on using a set of designs that are rich in LAVA Studio’s own designing styles and incorporating the abstract shape of the map of Germany into the head of the audience. Lastly, we adding 3D cinematic glasses to the head of the audience with a background color of the German flag.

Below are early sketches


German Films, Goethe Institut

LAVA Beijing

Project Release Date:

Creative Direction:
Céline Lamée

Creative Concept Development:
Yunke Xiao

Design and Production:
Yunke Xiao, Romain Fontaine,
Joséphine Hakim, Sasha Fominskaya