NYC: There's So Much More


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TRUE NY (a not for profit organization) and MTA have partnered to promote NYC tourism. The goal of this campaign is to let people, who already live in NYC, know about the great places to visit. The best way to get there is the MTA. The given title is “NYC: There’s So Much More”. We were asked to focus on some less known places in NYC. There’s so much more to NYC than the famous tourist sites.


I focused on the ethnic neighborhoods in NYC after brainstorming the campaign. These ethnic neighborhoods have distinct cultural identities and are proofs to show that New York is an inclusive city, I redesigned MTA's subway card (Metro Card) and change the text to the names of different countries. The letters "B, D, F, M, N, Q, R,7, etc." in the colored circles showed the subway routes of how could people get to these neighborhoods. This Ad campaign would be launched in subway and subway stations. It also brought people the desire of owning a special Metro card of their own countries.


Early Sketch for China

MTA YunkeXiao.png