Peloton: the only exercise bike streaming indoor cycling brand based in New York has come to us and sought advice on brand strategy. Our team is divided into five teams according to the specific situation of Peloton and proposes solutions for the future development of the Peloton brand strategy from different angles.

From start to finish, we developed a system of seven steps for Peloton's development including framing the problem, conducting a brand audit, defining the audience, researching the audience, verifying insights, identifying brand positioning, and landing the idea. Through the initial division of five groups of research and later cooperation and integration, we provide our customers with a satisfactory brand strategy in a four-month period of time. 

Peloton Brand Audit

Define the Audience & Audience Research

Brand Manifesto & Brand Positioning

Idea Landing Part1: Community Forward

Idea Landing Part2: Untethered 

Idea Landing Part3: Whole Life